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Music was a huge part of his Josh’s life, from the beginning. When Josh was young, his dad played guitar in a local band. Sometimes, his nursery was rearranged to serve as a practice room, for a few hours, as the band prepared for an upcoming show. 

When he was old enough for school, Josh was enrolled at Garden Villas Elementary in the Music Magnet Academy. In kindergarten, he learned to play the violin, followed by piano in first grade, before deciding saxophone was the right instrument for him. He was gifted from the start, playing sax from elementary school to his college days. While in junior high, and high school, his passion for music extended to learning guitar and playing in a popular Houston band, with some of his best friends. 

As part of the Mighty Trojan Marching Band at South Houston High School, Josh was a friend to everyone, supportive to those in need, and a great leader; serving as Lieutenant Colonel his senior year. He was memorable to friends, acquaintances, and teachers alike. 

After graduation in 1999, Josh started his college career at the University of Houston, studying music, and continuing his marching band days. In his adult life, Josh loved all kinds of music, always learning about various genres and musicians. No matter who was driving, or whose party he was attending, Josh Paul was the self-proclaimed DJ. Even as the end drew near, he asked for music to be played at his bedside. It was just a part of who he was.