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Adrian currently works as a Senior Marketing and Digital Media Lead Associate for Kaneka Biopolymers, where he promotes a home-compostable alternative to traditional plastic.

Before working at Kaneka, Adrian led an array of marketing and branding campaigns for industries such as: real estate, horticulture, beauty and skincare, and legal practices.

Adrian graduated from the Art Institute of Houston in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Design but has since expanded his knowledge base to include marketing and branding.

To Adrian, Josh was the brother he never had. In the sixth grade, Adrian met Josh in Boy Scouts; however, their friendship only blossomed after discovering their common love for music. Josh and Adrian co-founded their most notable band, Eden, where they composed and performed original songs.

Adrian has the honor of serving as the Digital Media/ IT advisor for The Josh Paul Foundation and strives to keep Josh’s spirit alive through music, health and fitness, and education.