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Director & Vice President of Communication

Jeremy is currently an Inventory/Quality Control Manager with Evolucity Commerce.

At Evolucity he helps a variety of business partners in E-commerce grow their customer base and brands by providing efficient and intelligent third-party logistics and creating and bettering all internal processes for Evolucity.

Jeremy previously held long-term positions in hospitality and food service before eventually finding his real fit in the supply chain. While work has always been very important in his life, it was also clear that his real passion is music. Prior to taking on his role with Evolucity, Jeremy was pursuing music as his main focus while maintaining a full-time job with a logistics company. It was in the music industry that he learned just how much goes on, offstage, and behind the scenes. For years, he worked day in and day out setting up tours, creating content, and constantly attending to all other types of needs for his band. This work came with payment in a form other than currency, as it allowed him to tour a large portion of the country, and perform with quite a few of his biggest influences with his band So Soon, The Truth. Although music has taken a bit of a backseat these days as he focuses on career and personal growth, it is still clear that the passion ignited by his older brother Joshua to enjoy, perform, and surround himself in music will never fade away. It is in the spirit of sharing the infectious joy of music, and lust for life, passed on by Josh that Jeremy elected to be most heavily involved in The Josh Paul Foundation, using the knowledge he gained over the years as a musician, a path he would have never followed without Joshua.

 He hopes to inspire young men and women and celebrate the joys of music, just as his brother did all of his life.